Southern Lights - A Christmas Message from Auckland GTUG

A Google Technology User Group (i.e New Zealand based), Auckland GTUG, posted a video today for showing the power of Android Open Accessory platform using  inspiring Christmas- them light show.

A creation of GTUG's November coding session, the light show is control by an Acer Iconia A500 tablet, and the controller application allows for encoded sequencing of up to 9 channels, and also supports syncing with music.

Here is the Video : 

Now Firefox is available  for your Tablet

Now you can easily use Firefox on your tablet. Mozilla doing great efforts to make Firefox more user friendly on your tablets specially the slate version. If you are missing many option from your Android browser like tab management etc then don’t worry Firefox makes your browsing easy through its tab management facility. The tabs are shown in a vertical menu on the left side of the content area. Firefox provides the great sync and easier access to the web and you can also mange the browser history and save password option.
Both the view landscape and portrait give you a great experience using Firefox on tablet. 

There are many other options are available like add-ons, download and many more... 

And here’s a video showing off the features of the browser:

Sad news for Aakash lovers. 

Sad news for Aakash lovers. The delivery of Aakash Tablet is going to be longer, even for those who have already ordered the ultra low-cost tablet online. According to a report, DataWind is starting the distribution of the tablet in janury 2012.

So we all have to wait…. 

Wowoo “Is Google setting up to release Nexus tablet!!!!” ….

The Galaxy Nexus is launched and now, there are some chances that Google is working for launch the net G-Nexus Tablet. Well I am not too sure if they planning to keep the same name for the new tablet version, but Google Executive chairman Eric Schmidt said in Italian newspaper Corriere della Sea that, “Noi nei prossimi sei mesi contiamo di mettere sul mercato un tablet di altissima qualità” which is translates as ‘Within the next six months, we plan to make a tablet of the highest quality’. As reported by Slashgear, that’s not all, Siri will face its match soon as well.

So just wait and watch , if everything goes right then tablets lover’s got a High Quality Tablet in few month…

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Aakash the worlds Lowest priced " Tablet PC "by Indian Govt.


The much expected world’s ultra low cost Tablet PC, Aakash "tablet is at last available for sale online and is creating vibrations all around. Datawind, the developers of Aakash has place for sale about 30,000 tablets on the internet at the cost of Rs 2500 each and the delivery will done in 7 days.
You can too pre-book Aakash Tablet’s upgraded version, UbiSlate 7, at the cost of Rs 2999 which will be launched in the end of January, 2012. This next generation of Aakash Tablet is full with better features and functionalities. Both the tablets are commercially available to everyone at its official website through Cash On Delivery option.
SpecificationsAakashUbiSlate 7 (The upgraded version of Aakash)
AvailabilityNOW!Late January, 2012
MicroprocessorArm11 – 366MhzCortex A8 – 700 Mhz
Battery2100 mAh3200 mAh
OSAndroid 2.2Android 2.3
NetworkWiFiWiFi & GPRS (SIM & Phone functionality)

tablet pc
Tablet PCs

           A Tablet PC is a irritable between a notebook PC and a personal digital assistant PDA. It's a flat-panel portable PC in the shape of a slate. A user inputs data by tapping the screen with astylus, or using the stylus to write openly on to the screen. The tablet PC can wirelessly join to the Internet and other PCs and is intended to provide the power of a notebook in hand-held form.

The tablet PC comes loaded with a special edition of Windows XP Professional and can run nearly all XP-compatible applications, including applications designed for the tablet PC. The tablet PC can also utilize a docking station for use by a monitor, keyboard, mouse, LAN or WAN, and other peripheral devices.

The major feature of the tabletPC is portability. Weighing in between 2-3 pounds (.9-1.3kg) the tablet PC can be use as a kind of souped-up PDA or trimmed-down notebook, depending on your face of view. The tablet PC hopes to fill a niche market for executives on the go who spend their days running from meeting to meeting or client to client.


The tablet computer and the associated special operating software is an model of pen computing technology, and thus the growth of tablets has deep historical roots.

Electrical devices by data input and output on a flat information display have exist as early as 1888. All through the 20th century many devices with these uniqueness have been ideated and created whether as blueprints, prototypes or commercial products, with the Dynabook concept in 1968 being a spiritual precursor of tablets and laptops. In addition to many academic and research systems, there were quite a few companies with commercial products in the 1980s.

During the 2000s Microsoft attempt to describe with the Microsoft Tablet PC the tablet personal computer product concept as a mobile computer for field work in business,although their devices failed to achieve widespread usage mainly due to price and usability problems that prepared them unsuitable outside of their limited intended purpose.

In April 2010 Apple Inc. release the iPad, a tablet computer with an highlighting on media consumption. The shift in purpose, jointly with increased usability, battery life, simplicity, lower weight and cost, and overall quality with deference to previous tablets, was perceived as defining a new class of consumer device and twisted the commercial market for tablets in the following year.

As a result, two particularly different types of tablet computing devices exist as of 2011, the Tablet PC and the Post-PC tablet, whose operating systems are of different origin.
acer tabletAcer Tablet PCs
apple ipad

Apple Ipad..